The Nerf everybody! Nono, just kidding but in a some kind of the way- Yes. The guild raid reward system have been completely changed with a mindset to build the community. How unfair was that when you invite a new player to your guild and making guild raids with the new guy actually making you a loss from your position when you are managing to complete a guild raid solo or only together. The previous system of sharing the reward between all the in-raid players was totally oriented in solo playing rather than building communities. The mega change is that all the guild raids from now on will give a specific constant reward for each of player which participates in a raid without any sharing. That means inviting newbies for established players to guild raid doesn't mean an actual loss in profit you are just happy you are growing the guild and in most cases you all will simply finish the guild raid faster which now even makes benefit to invite a newbie to your team. The Nerf number two. Yes it continues. From now on the double reward bonus for first 25 daily raids applies only when doing the solo Battle Commander raids. The previous system was again unfair from a playing player perspective because you should profit more to not spend your 25 daily raid bonus until you didn't do guild raids. It absolutely doesn't make any sense because then all you do is saving your raid limit to play less and profit more. And I want you to play the game more not the less. For this reason no more double reward on guild raids. Luckily this update is not only about nerfing. The good thing is that all Battle Commander raids reward have been doubled and now gives more profit than before! Lastly, the very new guild raid boss have appeared to the game. The Irni Irni demon. He will be a tough boss to complete and I wish you the best luck.