The Real Competition Awaits You Here!

Character creation in-client.

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You are the Hero!

The "Only Fortress" game uniqueness is that you are the hero of your fortress and you play the main role in PvP & PvM challenges! Bored from games where you have to watch how your troops are fighting? Not in "Only Fortress", here your skills and your tactics plays huge role in how You win the game!

Your Fortress - Your Sandbox

The game is itself limitless in how you organize your fortress. Customize everything starting from grounds ending from walls!

Build IT!

Nobody wants to wait hours till your buildings gets built. Just build it and everywhere! 

Embrace For PvP

You may enter outside of your fortress together with your troops. Form alliances and attack other player fortress with your friends!

Play Everywhere

The same game world connects cross-platform players. The android and windows PC!

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